Sunday, February 18, 2007

RIAA Arms Dealer to Jobs: Take a Flying Leap

On Friday, Fred Amoroso — CEO of copy-protection vendor Macrovision — posted a reply to Steve Jobs’ Feb. 6 plea to RIAA to drop DRM. The self-interest of each is pretty straightforward: Jobs wants to sell even more iPods to consumers (with or without DRM) while Amoroso wants to sell even more copy-protection (aka DRM) software to Hollywood music and video companies.

John Gruber has posted a humorous (not to say cynical) translation of the Macrovision statement.

Obviously Macrovision loses if Hollywood finds a non-DRM solution to its business model problems. The iTunes Music Store has provided some income to supplement sales lost to piracy, but at some point Hollywood (or at least the actual artists) needs to find a permanent solution — which may or may not involve DRM.

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Slashdot for the original link to Gruber.

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