Monday, June 25, 2007

iPhone — best thing since sliced bread

Friday is the iPhone rollout. My friend Doug Klein and I are going to hang out near the Apple store in San Jose (or is it Santa Clara?) to witness the lines.

Meanwhile, today’s breathless AP dispatch reports

Even if the product flops for some reason or stays limited to the high-end corner of the smart phone market, the iPhone has already jolted the industry, showing that it is not just the body and outward beauty of the handset that counts, but what's inside.

“This is the most anticipated phone since Alexander Graham Bell did his,” said Michael Gartenberg, an industry analyst at JupiterResearch. “Part of it is the fascination with Apple’s products and how well they design them, but it's also about how poor the design in software is in cell phones now, and how much time Apple has spent working on this.”
DynaTAC 8000I think the Bell comparison is over the top — the original Motorola DynaTAC was that revolutionary, but the iPhone is merely a next generation mobile phone. But the rest of the analysis is what Mike Mace and I said four months ago.

And actually, this post is all stuff I’ve said over the past five months. It’s just filler to wrap around an amusing cartoon that a former employee, James Ballard, forwarded to me.
Stone tablets

Cartoon by Nick Anderson, The Houston Chronicle.

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