Monday, June 4, 2007

Prize-winning smartphone research

I’m still trying to catch up explaining all I learned at the LA Global Mobility Roundtable conference.

Mike MaceHowever, I want to mention Friday’s surprise announcement. The “best industry paper” award went to my co-author Michael Mace. (Mike & I presented a paper on the iPhone, but this was a separate paper).

The paper was entitled “Segmenting Mobile Data: The myth of the smartphone.” Mace is currently with Rubicon Consulting in Los Gatos, but first immersed himself in the smartphone market as chief competitive officer for PalmSource.

I heard a number of positive comments after his presentation Friday — people found both the ideas and the data provocative. However, neither Mike nor I knew that there was an award, let alone that he was in the running.

I can’t claim any credit (I didn’t even see the article before it went in), but I thought some of my readers might be interested in the article since it’s available free online.

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