Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Now that's branding

My 9-year-old (and wife) were flying home from vacation Tuesday when she sat next to a gal who works for Ericsson and was carrying a couple of cell phones. Based on one visit to the Apple store, my daughter was able to recognize one of the phones as an iPhone.

She doesn’t know what kind of phone I carry (a Treo, at least in the US) or her mom carries (a bottom of the line Sanyo). But she does know the iPhone.

Unlike many of her friends, my daughter does not have a MP3 player (let alone a cell phone). Still, it seems as though the branding has started pretty early if a 9-year-old (with only modest interest in technology) can recognize one on the 2nd encounter.

From what I hear, Apple’s competitors are all buying iPhones. Will their sales rate plummet once all the competitors have bought one?

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