Tuesday, September 11, 2007

24 on iTunes this year

Unlike NBC, and despite previous rumblings, Fox is going to provide its TV shows to the iTunes store this season. News Corp. President Peter Chernin confirmed that 24, House, Prison Break and other popular iTunes downloads from last year will be back. He also downplayed (but did not deny) disagreements with Apple over pricing:

“Right now we have a perfectly good relationship with Apple,” Chernin told Reuters. “But let me say this, we’re the ones who should determine what the fair price for our product is, not Apple.”
Jack BauerI have been a big fan of Jack Bauer and 24 since one of my students introduced me to the show back in 2004. However, my fundamental cheapness makes me an unlikely candidate for any pay-per-view plan.

Still, in the spirit of today’s dead tree metaphor, let me ask one question. Given 24’s recent slumping popularity, if 24 is available for sale this season, is it the tree that falls in the forest but no one is around to hear?

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1 comment:

Mike said...

How do people sell this stuff?

Selling TV series in retail stores seem like a silly idea to me, whether it's 24, startrek, friends, or sinfiled. It's even more amazing to me how Tivo and/or other DVR devices have survived as long as they have. Whatever happened to good ol' VCR? Not having much channels on my basic comcast cable, VCR is what I use to record shows that I can't be home for on Thursday nights while in class. There's no monthly cost, VHS tapes are cheap, and it can be programmed just as easily as some other fancy recorder gadgets!

-Mike L.