Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nokia spurs mobile network bypass

Nokia is releasing a handset that can handover a live cell phone call from a cellular network to a Wi-Fi network.

The Nokia 6301 supports a standard called “Universal Mobile Access,” which is endorsed by the main W-CDMA (UMTS, 3GSM) standards body, 3GPP. (See the UMA white paper by Kineto Wireless).

We know that carriers are fighting mobile VoIP including Cingular’s decision to remove Wi-Fi from the Nokia E61 and call it the E62. Of course, given Cingular’s (AT&T’s) deal with Apple, the iPhone won’t support this for years if not decades.

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1 comment:

garrett said...

With the advent of
4G cellular technologies, is there really a point? It seems like everything is converging into a single wireless standard. Granted there is still the hurdle of existing mobile providers keeping their networks closed, but doesn't it make sense that someday we'll talk about the days when laptops and cell phones were separate devices and how confusing that was?