Monday, November 5, 2007

Incompetent gPhone coverage

Rushing to work to give a midterm this morning, I didn't open my paper to see the WSJ previous coverage of the rumored gPhone intro. If I had, I would have seen one of the most inept examples of technology journalism this year in a major publication.

So for my former technology strategy students, what is wrong with this table from page B2 of Monday's WSJ?

C'mon, is it really that hard?

Hint: if "smart" is orthogonal to "open", then is it possible to have all combinations of each dimension? (I.e., "smart"+"open", "smart"+"closed", "dumb"+"open", "dumb"+"closed")

Extra credit option: Dozens of publications have unquestioningly reprinted the Google claim that the gPhone platform "will power thousands of different phone models." So,

  1. How many phone models does the world's largest phone maker (Nokia, a non-OHA member) currently sell?
  2. How many different cell phone models has the world's most popular "open" cell phone platform (Symbian OS) shipped since its first product in March 1999?
  3. If beginning in July 2008, the gPhone platform is used for every new phone model by the two largest OHA members (Samsung and Motorola), how long would it be (at the current rate) before they together had shipped 1000 new models?

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