Friday, December 7, 2007

The real Web 3.0

The Mercury News has fixed their mistake of buying Nokia's propaganda that Web 3.0 is just a mobile Web 2.0. In search of a Wii, I bought this morning's dead-tree edition and found the headline “Designing Web 3.0” on a story by Dean Takahashi.

In his profile of Tim Berners-Lee (formerly of CERN), Takahashi gets it exactly right:

Now he believes that the next step in making the Web more useful is to create the standards that enable computers to fully understand the Web and that allow users to find the right information more efficiently.

He and many other forward thinkers are working on the "semantic Web," an enhancement that would provide a universal exchange of data. The semantic Web is sometimes called "Web 3.0," following the Web (Web 1.0) and the social Web (Web 2.0).

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