Monday, January 7, 2008

All quiet on the Android front

For the mobile phone industry, Europe has 3GSM (next month) and CeBIT (in March). The US has the two CTIA shows (in the spring and fall), but also CES (going on this week) has been a venue for wireless products for many years.

Information Week reports that so far the mobile announcements at CES have been inconsequential — some product updates by Motorola and Nokia, and a few new products by Sony Ericsson. Presumably the big announcements will come at 3GSM (now the “Mobile World Congress”).

According to Info Week blogger Eric Zeman, everyone wants Android — the claim is that it will be in prototype form on real hardware later this year — but so far nothing is being shown. Of course, software takes time, so AFAIK the delay in demos is more a function of Google’s pre-announcement than of things being behind schedule.

PC World reported that an obscure Chinese ODM (Wistron) showed off an OGA-based phone Sunday night. Since nothing is shipping yet, and since Wistron doesn’t ship its own products, this can only regarded as a prototype for now. “The GW4 will come out during the second quarter of this year” sounds like a pretty optimistic schedule to me, but we’ll see.

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