Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What good is a mobile phone?

Mike & I are trying to finish up the iPhone paper. To make it interesting to a broader audience, we set the iPhone into a broader context.

As part of that, I wanted to make a comprehensive list of how a mobile phone creates value. For analytical purposes, I wanted to categorize it by where the value is created in the value network, not the modality for how that value is accessed (e.g. a web browser vs. a client-side app).

The 1983 AMPS carphones were sold as a direct PSTN replacement, but phone users now more than just talk. Here’s my first cut at a list of the beyond-PSTN value:

  1. other communications, like SMS, IM, e-mail, videoconferencing
  2. commercial content: news, maps, movies, music, ringtones from places like Disney, ESPN, or Fox
  3. user-generated content, both blogs and user-generated websites
  4. computing: anything you’d add to a computer or PDA
  5. e-commerce: conducting a transaction online
So what am I leaving out?

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Doug Klein said...

You might lump this into user generated content, but I might argue that a phone as a camera (still and video) or audio recorder is different. If my Blackberry had a camera that took anything other than the most ridiculously awful pictures I might give up carrying my little range finder digital. Not because I want to upload stuff to utube, but because sometimes impulse photos are often the most memorable.