Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Apple: We're #3!

On Tuesday, Canalys released its estimate that 115 million “smart devices” were shipped in 2007, where such devices are defined as “smart phones and wireless handhelds”; as best I can tell the numbers are 112 million vs. 3 million. (It’s hard to tell how many of the latter are Palm PDAs, Windows PDAs or an iPod Touch).

Canalys is coy about full year results, but the stats for Q4 allow comparison of the overall handset market (released last month by IDC) and the “smart device” market. Making some reasonable assumptions (in italics)

VendorAll handsetsSmart Devices

Sony Ericcsson30.8M9.2%



Of the “other” smartphones, about half are Windows mobile. Apple is tied for third with Motorola on smartphones, but of course Motorola sells 20x as many featurephones.

Other smartphone stats from Canalys:

  • Worldwide, the Q4 operating system share is 65% Symbian, 12% Windows, 11% RIM, 6.5% iPhone and about 5% Linux. Of the Symbian, 82% is Nokia; presumably most of the rest of Sony Ericsson.
  • In the US, Q4 device market share was RIM (Blackberry) 41%, iPhone 28%, Windows 21%, Palm 9% (Note the overlap of Palm Windows devices).

Also on Tuesday Apple, introduced new iPhone and iPhone Lite models:

iPod Touch$299$399$499
† plus a two-year contract unless you figure out how to unlock the iPhone

Apple is certainly holding off on cutting prices on either model, which presumably awaits the 3G iPhone in June or July.

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