Thursday, March 20, 2008

Charlie likes his MacBook Air more than I do

I am still waiting for my MacBook Air that supposedly is coming Real Soon Now. But even when it comes, I don’t think I’ll value it was much as PBS talk show host Charlie Rose. Channel surfing after midnight, I couldn’t miss his shiner.

TechCrunch (via Salon) attribute the black eye his new MBA: facing a fall on the streets of Manhattan, he chose to protect his new laptop and not his face. Fake Steve Jobs isn't buying it.

To me, Charlies’s priorities seem in the wrong place. I don’t know what Charlie makes: he runs a business, Charlie Rose Inc., that sells a TV show to local PBS affiliates. However, if he’s paying for homes in NYC and Long Island, I’m guessing that he makes at least 3x what a CSU professor makes, and more likely 10x.

The machine can’t be more than a month old, so even if not backed up that’s not a lot of information to lose. I backed up my (old) laptop today, and you’d think he could get someone to back up his machine for him (or to set up .Mac Backup or Time Machine to do it automatically).

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Christie Benn said...

hahaha! macbook air is really a funny device - there are too much weird things happening about this. But the story about the guy who missed the flight because of the Macbook Air was more funny: