Monday, June 2, 2008

Name that company!

I'm starting working on a paper that will probably include a sample of Web 2.0 companies, so I went searching for a good list of such companies.

I didn’t find the list per se, but I did find another way to get names

Web 2.0 Name Generator

This website can be used to generate the name of your new Web 2.0 company, and it also allows you check to see if the domain is available. They also recommend Dot-o-mator as a way of generating domain names. Given the cybersquatter problem, both offer a useful solution to a real problem.

Some sample names generated for the Web 2.0 companies: Chatterfire, Jaxlist, Wikizzy. All seem plausible, and none are worse that the real names of Web 2.0 companies.


James Welch said...

I have created my own company name generator tool too.

Its similar to this tool, but has an extra option and also includes logos.

Laura said...

heck out It's a really cool domain name generator and company name generator similar to Dotomator but with more word lists and the ability to create domain names with 1-4 words. You can find available domain names from a huge selection of word lists. You can customize lists with your own words which lets you come up with literally thousands of possible domain names incorporating your keywords if you wish. It offers bulk domain name lookup and domain registration. There is also both a three word version and four word version which are great for keyword driven domain name variations.