Wednesday, July 9, 2008

iPhone day 2 minus two

A little more than a year since the first iPhone day, people around here are getting excited about rollout plans for the iPhone 3G on Friday.

I found a few interesting articles: a CNET Q&A on the US rollout, and a Seeking Alpha post summarizes the rollout in nine countries. Of course, the old business model with AT&T is out the window, but Tom Yager of InfoWorld thinks the new business model is at least as lucrative for Apple.

Of course, my interest in the iPhone is unchanged: I hate candy bar phones, and it comes with my least favorite phone service. I was toying with buying a used (unactivated) iPhone to use an iPod Touch with a camera, but apparently the old 2G models are becoming prized on the assumption that the new ones will be harder to unlock.

At this point, I’ll limit myself to watching others play with their new toys.

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Jane said...

The App Store is available today if you have a 2.0 development ROM. I'm disappointed with most of the location apps, but something called Vicinity is pretty good.