Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sold-out iPhone Developer roadshow

Last night, Apple sent me an e-mail advertising their “iPhone Tech Talk World Tour.” The tour appears to coincide with their decision to drop the NDA on iPhone software development.

Apple is presenting a series of free one-day workshops that provide an overview of the iPhone development process, with everything from Objective-C programming to getting your applications into the App Store. In parallel to the formal sessions, the North American workshops will also provide engineers and evangelists ready to answer code-level questions.

What is interesting is that all six of the US dates are fully booked: San Francisco, LA, Austin, Chicago, NYC and Seattle. This e-mail is the first notice Apple gave me of the workshops, so inviting me to something already sold out isn’t very useful. (I am an inactive “iPhone developer” so I’m probably not high on their mailing list.)

At the same time, it’s interesting that none of the foreign dates are sold out. Yes, the ones in Europe and Asia don’t include the tech support, but the Toronto date on Dec. 4 does; perhaps that’s because it’s in the belly of the RIM beast. (However, the session in Microsoft’s backyard is full).

The sessions were picked up by various Mac publications, including Macworld and AppleInsider. So it’s possible that there were spaces when my e-mail arrived at 12:03 am this morning, but not after the articles were posted to the whole world.

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