Friday, December 12, 2008

A curious lingering Leopard bug

On September 15, Apple released OS X 10.5.5. WIthin 24 hours, some MacBook owners noticed that their external monitors were no longer usable. The bug seems limited to MacBooks (Intel-based laptops) and to those connected via the DVI rather than the VGA port.

I saw this one myself, with my MacBook Air and one of the first Apple LCDs ever made, which I bought back in 2000. It showed up with 10.5.5 and went away when I went back to 10.5.4. Obviously, no one expected a software upgrade make their external LCD worthless.

Thus far, there are more than 125 posts on the main thread and 43 posts on a second thread, but there is no fix on either thread and there is no 10.5.6.

What I find odd is how long it has continued, given how prevalent it is. (If there were a few postings, I’d guess that it’s hard to reproduce, but that would appear not to be the case.) I’m guessing it’s being combined with everything else in 10.5.6. A beta of 10.5.6 was rumored a month ago, and new rumors suggest it will be finished before Apple shuts down for Xmas.

Update Dec. 28: The OS X 10.5.6 update (released on Dec. 15) corrects the problem, at least on my computer

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Nick said...

I notice that there is no mention of a DVI fix in the 10.5.6 changelog.

The leaked developer seed notes contained a lot of stuff about resolving display issues - where have those fixes gone?

I've been affected by this issue since 10.5.5 was released - 3 months and still no fix. It's completely unacceptable.

Apple are really screwing their customers on this one. I don't know what their lame excuse can be... perhaps "we're too busy on Lesser Spotted Mountain Leopard" or "screw you for not using the latest Apple peripherals".