Saturday, December 20, 2008

What is an iPod Touch?

Forbes is running a feature article by a former iPod user, in which the reviewer argues a 120gb Zune is like an iPod Classic with a big screen, or an iPod Touch with 15x the capacity. (It would be 8x or 4x the capacity if you have the larger models).

This raises the question: what is an iPod Touch? Is it an MP3 player, as the reviewer argues? Or an iPhone Lite, as I claimed when it was released 15 months ago?

Perhaps a year ago, it might have been an open question. Today, with more than 10,000 applications in the app store — most also available for the iPod Touch — the question is now moot. The iPod Touch is a grown-up’s competitor to the PSP, except that it does more than games. I suppose you could say it’s like the N-Gage — except that it has many popular applications.

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Michael Mace said...

It's a PDA, Joel, but for heaven's sake don't tell anyone or people will stop buying it.