Friday, January 30, 2009

Another $50 off that TV

In writing about Circuit City’s liquidation, nine days ago I wrote:

I suspect a 20% discount timed for SuperBowl Sunday (Feb. 1) would clear out most of the inventory.
Sure enough, this morning at Circuit City, TVs were 20% off, as were audio equipment, videogames and most of the other high-value items in the store. That’s 10% better than last weekend, and 5% better than Monday. Those who want plasma TVs get 25% off.

Although MP3 players are 20%, iPod® brand MP3 players remain 10%, as are all notebook and desktop computers. (Monitors and printers are 20%), while CDs/DVDs are cut to 25%.

Unlike the Mervyn’s GOOB, or Good Guys 3 years ago, I haven’t spent a penny yet at Circuit City. But it’s still interesting to watch what sells and what doesn’t, particularly on a liquidation of big ticket items supported by a TV advertising campaign.

I am more likely to spend money at the GOOB for Expo, the mid-market home improvement store owned by Home Depot. The planned liquidation is much smaller (34 stores vs. 500+ for Circuit City) and got almost no press.

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