Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mobile app BTE

Ofir Leitner writes the knowledgeable (if opinionated) blog “NextGenMoco.” Since I first saw it (through his self-promotion to the Mobile Monday mailing list) a year ago, I’ve found some interesting tidbits that intersect the technology and business of mobile phone application development. An example of this is a post a year ago on the carrier-by-carrier hoops that am app developer must jump through to deploy a J2ME app in the US.

His latest posting is “Top 8 rules for mobile entrepreneurs & application developers.” Fortunately he doesn’t take himself too seriously in that the last rule is “Don't listen to rules”:

Mobile is a new space and there's still a lot of practices we haven't found. Some of the things that look like Axioms today, might change along the way and open new opportunities. Perhaps you'll be the one to discover them when not following any rules.
Among his other advice, I found solid his first two points about dealing with carriers and how they price data plans. However, as a game developer he is strongly J2ME-centric, which means his platform advice is less applicable to developers targeting smartphones (whether Symbian S60 in Europe or iPhone in the US).

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