Saturday, February 21, 2009

R favorite datamining tool

There’s a new user group in the Bay Area, organizing around the use of the R open source package.

On his blog, Data Evolution, blogger Michael Driscoll talks about Wednesday’s kickoff event on how R can be used for predictive analytics.

The marquee speakers were from Facebook and Google. Characteristically, the Google speaker apparently didn’t say anything at all about why they used the software, only for the mechanics of running the analysis.

The Facebook speaker talked about using R to study customer retention. Also, the Facebook employee and two consultants suggested specific packages within R that could be used to solve specific tasks.

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miked98 said...

Joel- Thanks for the shout-out. I agree that Google was a bit light on the specifics of how they use R for their analysis. But Itamara from Facebook gave a nice account of how they've incorporated not just R, but rigorous statistics into their decision framework.

Us R Users are doing another event on March 11, here in SF.