Friday, February 20, 2009

Seven Facebook lies

Newsweek writer Raina Kelley offers an amusing critique of the Facebook generation that she calls “Facebook made me do it: Seven lies we tell ourselves about social networking”. Her list

  1. I Only Friend People I Really Know
  2. Facebook Made Me Do It
  3. Wall-to-Wall Flirting Isn't Cheating
  4. I Use Facebook to Keep in Touch With People
  5. I'm Soooo Over Facebook
  6. And I am Soooo Not Competitive
  7. Facebook is My Friend
Despite this advice, teens show little evidence of learning from the many well-publicized mistakes of their peers. I am not looking forward to the day I have to deal with this as a father — about a decade ahead of Ms. Kelley.

Interestingly, her Facebook page seems to be gone but her LinkedIn page is still there, albeit quiescent. She also does not appear to be among the few dozen Facebook members (profiled in the WSJ Friday) who have joined the largest of several Facebook groups for those giving up Facebook for Lent.

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