Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 most likely to fail

Most people want to be voted most likely to succeed. 24/7 Wall St. has a list of 10 newspapers it has voted most likely to fold (or go online-only).

  1. Philadelphia Daily News*
  2. Minneapolis Star Tribune*
  3. Miami Herald
  4. Detroit News*
  5. Boston Globe*
  6. San Francisco Chronicle
  7. Chicago Sun-Times*
  8. New York Daily News*
  9. Fort Worth Star-Telegram*
  10. Cleveland Plain Dealer
Seven* of the 10 papers are in two-newspaper towns (NYC with 4), which are going the way of the manual typewriter. Interestingly, the Globe was for decades considered a much stronger and more successful paper than its downmarket rival, the Boston Herald.

Facing the threat of closure, the San Francisco Chronicle announced Tuesday job security concessions from one of its unions, whose members will vote Thursday on the proposed contract changes. No word as to whether the Teamsters will also cooperate, or whether Hearst will just go ahead close another paper.

Hat tip: WSJ Bankruptcy Beat blog

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