Sunday, March 8, 2009

That river in Egypt

The Merc had two articles Sunday encouraging people to buy a car. The first article, on the front page above the fold, screamed

A New Car?
Are You Nuts?
Still, this story was pretty balanced, at least compared to the other story.

The personal finance story in the business section seemed esigned to sell cars. Within it, however, another incongruity jumped out at me:
You can find used cars on dealers' lots, at independent used-car lots, through private-party advertisements in print publications like the San Jose Mercury News and online at, and through friends and family.

Is this the only way people buy used cars today? Perhaps this quote was copied from an old story written during the last recession.

When I checked Google for “buy car” I got Edmonds, CarsDirect,, CarMax, Oh, and there are also several thousand cars listed (in just the SF Bay Area) on Craigslist.

The Merc has a pretty educated readership — or at least they did before that pesky Internet thing came along. Are they thinking that denial is going to cause people to forget about online alternatives?

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