Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quote without comment

Financial Times, June 7:

In the long run, the most important thing to come out of the Worldwide Developers Conference will probably not be the latest phones. It will be the revisions to iPhone software and the App Store, which aim to widen Apple’s lead.

A big innovation is that the store will start allowing developers to collect money not just when a user buys and downloads an application, but through follow-on transactions or subscriptions.
OpenIT Strategies, June 9:
Apple has average hardware, superior ease of use on software, and a distribution and monetization system unmatched in North America or Europe.
Forbes, 9am PDT June 18:
The real breakthrough is what the phone's software will unlock for the developers creating third-party applications for the device. ...

Start with the App Store, which is now packed with more than 50,000 applications. Now add the ability for software developers to sell subscriptions that deliver premium content or additional levels for a game. "Basically when we look at the iPhone we don't see a mobile phone, we see a computing platform," says Shervin Pishevar, chief executive of Social Gaming Network (SGN).

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