Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tweet tweet

During my visit last week to UOI 2009, I met with many readers of my Open Innovation blog. One of those was Alexander Schroll, an Austrian PhD student studying open innovation.

Schroll has recently shifted his emphasis from blogging to tweeting, the latter via an automatic keyword search on Twitter. For me, as a former journalist, I see myself continuing as writing articles. I’d rather write a few articles that are snapshots of history rather than share my own shallow 140-character insights. (It’s probably a generational thing — it makes me old school).

I asked Schroll if there was some way to automatically link my blog to twitter, and he recommended TwitterFeed. He noted that my friend and co-author Karim Lakhani (a user innovation and open source researcher) is actively tweeting.

I’ve set up a TwitterFeed for this and my other blogs to post to my twitter account (apparently available via RSS). While I’ll continue to read news via RSS, we’ll see if this provides useful information to regular Twitter adherents.

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Mike Demler said...

I find myself micro-blogging on Twitter more frequently than I write a full blog post.

I think I'm older than you (but reluctant to admit it), so it's not a generational thing. Maybe I just find time to be more of a scarce resource.

I prefer to think of my tweets as pithy! :-)