Tuesday, June 23, 2009

USC on wireless industry growth

There’s a free Webinar tomorrow (10am PDT, 1700 GMT) on the growth of the wireless industry.

2008 was a good year--3.5 billion people paid over $700 billion for wireless services. In 2012, five billion people will shell out $850 billion.

Not bad scratch!

So let's dig a little deeper--what's behind those numbers? What can we expect from Femtocell technology, LTE, WiMAX, Smartphones (let's be more specific, iPhones), mobile social networking, etc.?

And how have these technologies enabled social protests in Iran?
The Webinar is by being presented by Steven Shepard and Morley Winograd of the USC Institute for Communication Technology Management.

I’d like to attend, but alas I’m in meetings at work all day Wednesday. Given the previous USC CTM workshops and seminars, the odds are good that it’s a worthwhile way to spend an hour.

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