Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making Microsoft miserable

On the questionable Google Chrome OS plan, Mike Mace says it’s about making Microsoft miserable:

That helps to explain why Google would be pushing both Chrome and Android at the same time. If you're really serious about running a logical OS program in its own right, you'd try to rationalize those two things. But if your top priority is to commoditize Microsoft, then you don't mind pushing out a couple of overlapping initiatives. The more free options, the more pain caused.
Even more revelatory than the article was how I found it: this is the first blog post generated based on something I learned via Twitter.

I subscribe to Mike’s blog via an RSS feed to NetNewsWire, but it’s only one of 230 feeds and I’m not currently caught up (even with my two-dozen favorites).

However, on Tweetie I follow four friends’ tweets (all tech veterans), and 50% of them promoted Mike’s column. If half my tweet network thinks something is interesting, I’m gonna read it.

Update, Thursday 8am: The Merc now reports the utterly conventional wisdom that this is “a direct shot across Microsoft’s bow” but doesn’t quote Mace.

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