Monday, October 22, 2012

Time for Nokia to replace Microsoft?

An article from the Oct 19 edition of Talouselämä, a leading Finnish news magazine:

Tutkijat: Android toiseksi kärjeksi Nokialle

Nokian olisi otettava Microsoftin rinnalle tai sen sijaan parempi kumppani, kirjoittavat tutkijat Timo Seppälä ja Martin Kenneyperjantaina 19. lokakuuta ilmestyneen Talouselämä-lehden Tebatti-palstalla.
The Google and Microsoft translations are a bit iffy, but here are some excerpts:
Nokia should take into Microsoft alongside, or instead of a better partner, write the researchers Timo Seppälä and Martin Kenney on Friday the 19th October edition of the magazine Talouselämä Tebatti column.

Timo Seppälä is a subsidiary of Etlatieto Ltd, a researcher at Etla, and Martin Kenney, Professor at the University of California (Davis).

The following post is part of a larger BRIE-ETLA research project.

Apple's iPhone revolutionized the mobile use of the Internet. In response, Google developed the Android operating system and offered it to phone manufacturers for free use.

In the past five years has led to a situation where Apple, as well as Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers utilize dominate the smartphone market. Nokia's "burning platform" has shrunk Symbian to insignificance and Microsoft Windows is still the underdog role.

Early last year, however, Nokia chose Microsoft's Windows [as its] only smartphone [platform]. In poker terms Nokia played all in, when the hand was a pair of jacks. Microsoft has no immediate risk at all.
The translation (from Finnish from the original English) is a bit hard to follow, but basically tells Nokia (in its home town) that it would have been better either with Meego or Android, and encourages Nokia to drop Windows (or at least choose a second parallel platform) rather than stick it out "until death do us part."

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