Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When you've lost Anna and Mikko...

With its market share collapsing worldwide, Nokia has now lost its home market of Finland. Quoting IDC data, reported Tuesday that Nokia had a 33% share of the Finnish handset market in Q1 2013, second to Samsung at 36% (Apple is third at 14%).

Unwired View helpfully noted that Nokia had lost the Finnish smartphone market in Q3 of 2012, but sold enough feature phones to keep the overall crown — until now. Nokia’s home market is lagging the rest of the world by only a year. According to IDC data, Nokia lost the global smartphone market share in 2011 to Samsung and Apple, and the overall handset market in 2012.

Apple is also fighting Samsung in its home market, but managed to top the Korean maker in the crucial final quarter of 2012. The two companies are splitting all the net global profits of the global mobile phone market.

As Unwired View concluded:

73% of all phones sold in Finland in Q1 were smartphones. And apparently Finns love Samsung smartphones. That kind of says a lot. When not even patriotism can stand in the way of the Android onslaught, one has to consider what chances Windows Phone (in its current form and iteration) realistically has. You really can’t say that the Finns weren’t willing to give Microsoft’s new OS the benefit of the doubt. Or that they are somehow biased against Nokia, a company once synonymous with Finland in the eyes of many.
All in all, it looks like more rough sailing aboard the S.S. Ballmer.

Note on title: Anna and Mikko are popular names in Finland for girls and boys.

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