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Understanding The 4 Hidden Features Of Linux Kernels!

Linux OS is one of the most popular UNIX operating system, which is designed to offer the free or affordable operating system for personal computer users. Featuring GUI, TCIP/IP, Emacs editor and many impressive features, it is fast performing and most efficient OS.

Further, the OS of Linux comproises of these components, viz. hardware layer, system Library, Shell, System Unity and Kernel.  The kernel is the main part of the system, which is also responsible for taking other major activities of the LINUX operating system.

Although the OS of LINUX consists of various modules and can easily interact with the hardware, it can also be modified to offer support to the tons of features. Here are some of the most common features of Linux Kernel:


In Linux, you can easily run as many as programs as you want at the same time. This also means that not only you can run many programs at once, but the OS also has many programs running in the background. Many of these system processes make it possible for the Linux operating system to work as a server.

These servers work in the background to fulfil the network requests for logging in the system, viewing a web page, copy a file, or print a document. The process in the background of the Linus is also called as daemons.


Not only you can make as many accounts on a Linux system, but you can also have multiple users logging and working in the system at the same time. Besides, users can also have their home directory arranged for sorting, they can have their environments arranged in a way they want and can also have their desktop interfaces filled with icons, menus and applications. Also, you can password protect the user account, so that the users can control with whom you want to give access to the applications and data.

Linux Kernel offers hardware support:

With Linux Kernel, you can also offer support to every hardware, that you have connected to the computer. They offer support to CD-Roms, removable disks, floppy disks, sound cards, tape devices, video cards and anything.

Network services:

Offering network services to the user’s computers by using the LAN or the Internet is what Linux is best in. Besides, it also provides support for file server, mail server, web server, workgroups, print servers and more.

No matter which version of Linux you use, the Linex Kernel will help you modify the OS to offer support to various other features.


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