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5 Web Development Frameworks Of The Future

Are you updated with the latest web development technologies? Web development is consistently growing from recent years, and it would be safe if you prepare yourself for the significant advancements in the near future also.

Numerous things are considered in web development like visual appearance, caching, database mapping, etc. Web development frameworks help you in meeting these specific needs. We are clubbing top web development frameworks that give you quality work in less time.


It is a JavaScript framework that is developed for speed, performance and also for unimaginable tooling. As engineered at Google, it is packed with simplicity and is becoming one of the most trending technologies by business enterprises.  Web applications built using AngularJS are very interactive and user-friendly. Unlike other frameworks, coding part is reduced to a greater extent by AngularJS. Less coding means fewer errors that’s why it is the highest demanded framework.

Ruby on Rails

Developing an app in Ruby is a cakewalk, as it comes with ready-made plugins and reusability of codes makes web development task easier and faster to a greater extent. With Ruby on Rails it’s easy to add new features without starting coding from scratch as it easily modifies the existing code. If you are aiming for long-term projects, definitely need to go for Ruby on Rails.


An open source framework, maintained by Facebook is extensively used in web applications. Developing in ReactJS is very easy by reusing existing code. Using it in larger applications, that changes data, again and again, will surely serve the purpose. Higher compatibility with other frameworks has made it more popular among developers.


Laravel is PHP web development framework.  As it is applicable to all browsers and devices, it helps in increasing the online traffic to your website. As it supports Model View Controller (MVC), that makes it more compatible with other functions for selecting better architecture. Laravel creates unique URL’s as it can create different routes with the same exiting route. It is regularly updated as per the latest trends to meet the needs of website owners.


Being a remarkable open source framework for PHP, it works best for applications where repetitive tasks are required and allows customizing applications conveniently as per changing business needs. Yii is very reliable and secure as it supports Model View Controller (MVC) pattern and uses OOP standards. Third-party interfaces are easily allowed to merge with it. It is a leading framework that easily allows upgrading and downgrading application version upon different installations.

Most of the trending frameworks are based on javascript, learning javascript helps you in mastering existing and upcoming frameworks.

Learning different frameworks gives you flexibility while competing in the competitive market as choosing right framework is important for influencing the quality of your website.


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