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Latest Software Engineering Technologies

The Latest Software Engineering Technologies

When it comes to the software industry, only one thing is constant – change. The year 2017 and 2018 witnessed major new trends and developments in the field of software. Now, on the basis of the latest trends ruling the industry, you can envision the trends that will be popular in 2019.

Here are the latest software engineering technologies you must be familiar with:


Blockchain technology gained popularity in 2018. There were ICO toke sales everywhere, every week as more and more companies were looking into cryptocurrencies to make benefits. It’s likely that the blockchain industry will get bigger in 2019.

The blockchain is a network of interconnected peer-to-peer devices, aimed to provide for the absence of central computers and the lack of clearly defined locations where all data is saved. Blockchain advocates expect that this technology will expand more to include broader fields, such as healthcare, supply chain, administration, etc.

IoT-driven Digital twins technology

Digital Twins concept evolves in the area of IoT at the fastest pace. Modern household appliances are equipped with smart components and sensor to gather data, such as real-time status, working conditions, etc. This data is stored on a cloud-based system for processing and analysis for creating a digital twin.

A digital twin is a kind of pairing appliance that reflects its real-life counterpart in the digital world, for analysis of a huge amount of various kinds of data. The digital twin concept is getting popular in many major projects, such as smart cities, real time navigable models, etc.

Coming to the IoT technology in the software environment requires the vigilance of software developer to help them determine how to best program devices which allow users to control them. These developers focus on to develop apps that offer seamless controlling of devices at any time and from anywhere.

Progressive Web Applications

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that utilizes modern web capabilities in order to deliver an app-like experience to the users. These applications meet certain requirements, are deployed to servers, are accessible with the help of URLs, and indexed by search engines.

It is very easy to develop and maintain progressive web apps than regular mobile apps. Moreover, progressive web apps offer the best features of the web and mobile app in combination. Companies involved in e-commerce, healthcare, banking, entertainment and more are looking into progression web apps to deliver better accessibility to the masses.

Besides these technologies, artificial intelligence augmented and virtual reality, and even-driven applications are becoming more and more popular these days.


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